Cape Verde (CABO VERDE) contains of 10 islands 400 km west from Senegal, 9 of them are habited. The most charming on our destination is the diversity of landscape, colours, climate and traditions. You can find here islands (SAL, BOAVISTA Islands) with charming white beaches, suitable for beach holiday all year long – literally NEVER ENDING SUMMER you can find here! Besides beach, white sand and 5-stars resorts there are islands with volcanos (on FOGO Island there is still 1 volcano active), mountains and valleys – excellent for trekkers; but still in tropical climate, where the temperature escalate between 23-31 C during the day and 17-21 C at night.

A jewel among the others is SANTO ANTÃO Island where you can find 3 continents on small piece of land in Atlantic. Many people say that this island has something from Island, Vietnam and Brazil. There is landscape called “moon land”, there are water falls, high mountains, endless valleys, sugar-cane farms, plantations of banana, papaya, mango, coco…. And, of course FISHING!

Well, we can say that sea-food is one of the best aspect of Cape Verde, since as bill-fishing centres, so industry fishing is so rich that fish and sea-food you can get here for “pea-nuts”! And – it’s delicious and tasty; hard to compare with other destination….

TERRA SAB GROUP is a chain of incoming agencies on Cape Verde spread on all its islands. In 2016 was Cape Verde (CABO VERDE) voted on International Touristic Exposition ITB in Berlin as the most save destination in the world. Maybe this is the reason that these still unknown islands are more and more often visited as by individual tourists, so by Tour Operators. Since last 10 years the incoming grown from 30.000 visitors till 1.000.000 per year! As described above to live on to work in tourism on 9 islands needs logically high experienced and qualified structure of offices, where each one must be adapted to its specific island, its conditions and way of logistic. That’s why TERRA SAB GROUP was born: we join 4 agencies maintaining among themselves VERY special price conditions, using the same transparent booking and accounting system, in order to satisfy The Operator and our clients as much as possible; to make the holiday an unforgettable event, needed repetition. (Since our aim is to educate “repetitive clients”; only this in a true prove of quality!).

Specialist for back-to-back operations with biggest European Tour Operators, MICE and incentives, being responsible for islands SAL and BOAVISTA.

We can say that more than 50% of year income to Cape Verde islands is actually to Sal Island and around 40% to Boavista. The reasons are: big international airport of AMILCAR CABRAL receiving around 50 flights per week on Sal; and international airport of ARISTIDES PEREIRA on Boavista having more or less the same numbers of arrivals.

SAL ISLAND: charming white sandy beach in Santa Maria village; over 70 restaurants located in Santa Maria bay, growing amounts of 4 and 5-starts resorts (MELIÃ, RIU, OASIS ATLANTICO, HILTON, and many others); plenty of activities (boat trips, diving, kite/wind surfing, jet-ski, fishing; but as well land excursions like jeep-safari, day trips, trekking, turtle watching, quad and bike trips, etc.)

BOAVISTA ISLAND: even bigger resorts as on Sal Island, suitable for family beach holiday enjoying all inclusive service, water activities and as well as on Sal – turtle watching (12% of Atlantic population of caretta, the biggest turtle on the world is born on these 2 islands.)

Our staff speaks all European languages and is qualified to give the best service to your valuable clients. We provide private transfers, group transfers (airport – hotel – airport), 24-hours assistance, and excursion sale – simply that what we call FULL SERVICE.

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Great professionals! Sympathy, organization and dedication! Thanks to this team it is possible to feel even more Cape Verde in the heart
Carina Santos
Algarve, Portugal

Specialist for Tailor Made Round Trips, Trekking, Rural Tourism, but also Groups, Incentives, Congresses and Business Travel. Responsible for SÃO VICENTE, SANTO ANTÃO and SANTIAGO

They say that SÃO VICENTE and its capital MINDELO is a cultural centre of the country. Cesaria Évora, the world know singer of morna was born here; in a city founded by the British 200 years ago, where you can admire a mixture lusofonic and British colonial architecture. MINDELO is the world biggest natural harbour, being able to receive as cruisers as big cargo ships. The city never sleeps – there is live music on every corner, on every street, in every bar, every day….

In the harbour there is fully equipped marina for private yachts and many Bill Fishing Clubs – to get the highest fisherman trophy (Blue Marlin) is a question of 1.000 EUR and 1 day on the sea…. Nowhere else on the world you can manage this experience of your life so cheap and easy!

Beside big 4-stars hotels you can enjoy your holiday at colonial pensions with unique atmosphere, leaving memories of unforgettable holiday. Also your beach dreams will be not left aside, since Mindelo’s biggest beach LAGINHA let you enjoy sun & sea 365 days in the year….

10 km neighbouring island SANTO ANTÃO is a jewel of Atlantic, showing 3 continents on one piece of land in the ocean. Waterfalls, valleys, sugar cane plantations serving for production of grougue and ponche (local white rum), banana, papaya, coco … simply a paradise, just 1 hour with ferry boat from MINDELO…. A green island, where every trekker will find his best.

In general we can say that to visit SÃO VICENTE means to buy: “2 islands for price of 1”, because once you are in MINDELO, it’s a MUST to navigate to SANTO ANTÃO.

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Janisa Fortes and everyone else who apologize for not having decorated. The name. A lot. Thank you for the kindness and affection that always accompanied my stay. Thank you very much. I highly recommend it and you will not regret it if you choose these professionals.
Anabela Costa
Grândola, Portugal

Specialist for individual, rural tourism working with biggest European Tour Operators being responsible for islands BRAVA and FOGO.

Island of FOGO is actually one huge (still active) volcano, almost 2.000m high. Its capital São Filipe has rich colonial history, with plenty of “sobrados” – typical colonial houses with wooded veranda in the 1-st floor giving the shade during hot days, being remodelled into small pensions or hotels. This island is typical for its still lasting traditions – like wearing of black & white dresses, the population has many things similar with “high-landers” in any other part of the world.

The island has big plantations of banana, papaya, coco, mango, but also wine, Tabaco and coffee. The FOGO WINE is one of the most demanded souvenir from Cape Verde, since the vineyards are situated on (or even in) the volcano and that’s why this wine has typical, delicious taste. The same we can say about coffee.

A day trip to FOGO by plane (there is a small airport), with visiting of “Chã” (the active crater) and having lunch there belongs to the best sellers of all excursions offered on SAL and BOAVISTA Island.

The island of BRAVA is the smallest inhabited islands of Cape Verde. From FOGO you can see the shape of BRAVA on horizon; and the ferry boat is leaving daily there. BRAVA is often called as Island of Flowers, since unlike on dry SAL and BOAVISTA there is no lack of water.

Many popular and even world know authors and novelists were born here.

Very popular type of island hopping is the combination SAL – SANTIAGO – FOGO – BRAVA and back. Like this, visiting of 4 island, the client can see The Diversity of Cape Verde, which will remain in his memories for ever.

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Very friendly and professional team that guided me through the exploration of the beautiful Fogo island. I enjoyed the fact that Qualitur was also able to assist me for my travels and stay in the other islands I wanted to visit (Boavista, Santo Antao). I give a 5 star
Adelino Duarte
Lorraine, France
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